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A huge SHOUT OUT to inov-8 and founder Wayne Edy and my contact Edelin Vian Bulmer. I'll admit, I never even heard of Inov-8 sneakers until I read an article by Crossrope about different sneakers they recommend for jumping. Now, I ONLY recommend them. Look at the sneakers below in the pictures - they have done about 1,000 (yes, 1,000) Jump Into Shape classes. I think only now do I have to replace them.

Besides being great sneakers, perhaps there are other lessons learned:

-find the right equipment before doing any exercise or anything in life

-there are many factors in reaching our goals and we have to plan accordingly

-if you take care of your possessions, they will last longer

-share positive results with others (there is a saying that if someone goes to a restaurant and they don't like it, they tell 10 people, but if they like it, they only tell 1 person)

-be thankful to G-d for everything He gives us

-know when to replace things so you don't get hurt

-let your family pick the color of your sneakers (they didn't like the color I picked below)

-it's okay to try a brand you never heard of

Thank you and many blessings,


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