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Who Is Jump Into Shape for? The average person who cares about their health and wants to work out from the convenience and privacy of their house or wherever they travel.

Let’s look at our top 10 calorie leaderboard for the past week to see the diverse nature of our members:

*They live in Lakewood, Woodmere, Edison, Teaneck, New York, Bergenfield, Monsey, Far Rockaway, and Brooklyn - wow, 10 leaders from 9 cities.

*They range in age from low 20s to 60s (I think)…

*Their professions range from Sofer, Shul Rabbi, accountant, lawyer, student, and more…

Why do they choose Jump Into Shape - it’s fun, it’s motivating, you are held accountable to exercise (by me), almost 30 weekly live Zoom classes, over 600 videos on demand, down to earth instructors, team and individual competitions, you see results and much more…

And you? 30 free days whenever you are ready. We will send you 2 Crossrope Jump Ropes (value $119) and an exercise mat to use for your unlimited 30 days of classes.

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