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we saved $8,440 (kind of)

This is mind-blowing... we saved $8,440 (kind of)... when we built our new fitness studio, we didn't think to soundproof... we got soundproof insulation, but quickly realized that doesn't stop the noise of me talking and pounding weighted ropes from reaching our daughter's room right about the studio...

we felt so bad that our daughter couldn't sleep, study or just be in her room peacefully... we had a high-tech soundproof company quote $8,500 to rip out the ceiling and redo it so the sound will be 70% blocked...

my wonderful wife went online, bought this white-noise machine for $60, put in our daughter's room, turned it high and guess what? 85% of the noise is blocked... it's not the best long-term solution that she has to have this on, but it works for now, allows her to study and we think she secretly likes it...

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

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