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The seder I wasn’t at that impacted my life forever…

The seder I wasn’t at that impacted my life forever…

About 25 years ago a family of 4 (mother, father, son and daughter) was at parent's weekend at Duke University… The family was Jewish, but not religious… as they were getting ready to go out to the events for the parents, the mother says “wait, it’s Passover, we can’t go out without having a seder”… in the hotel room, the mother pulls out table clothes, some matzah, seder plate, grape juice and Haggadas and they had a make shift seder in the hotel room..

Less than 10 years later as I was starting to become religious, I started to Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d) date the daughter in the above story, and would ultimately marry her… we would decide to lead a religious life and now Baurch HaShem are raising 4 kids according to Jewish law…

I can’t say for sure the impact of the seder in that hotel room, but I believe it was very impactful… even the small actions we make can have ramifications beyond our wildest dreams… if we follow our heart and HaShem, good things will come out of it, in our lifetime or beyond (my wife’s mother was deceased many years before we became religious and her grandchildren were born)…

G-d Willing tomorrow night Jews all over the world will relive our redemption… 210 years in slavery led to redemption and the Torah.. all of these years in gulus will lead to the ultimate redemption… every step matters… everything we do will impact those around us…

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

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1 Comment

Sarit Rubenstein
Sarit Rubenstein
Apr 16, 2023

What an inspirational story! Your wife must be an amazing person.

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