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The Search for Emes (Truth) - Lesson from Aaron Judge

The Search for Emes (Truth) - Lesson from Aaron Judge

I am not a sports fan, but someone recently told me about the amazing baseball season that Aaron Judge is having.. truth be told I was a sports fan many moons ago when the record of 61 was broken... that said, I decided to google and read an article about Aaron Judge... what I round was an amazing lesson (and one that goes back to the Torah)...

If you read between the lines, the article was pretty much suggesting that Aaron Judge was about to break the single-season record for homeruns... yes, other players have hit over 61, but some admitting using enhancing drugs and others were suspecting of using them... in either case, the article was touting that Judge was about to be the first player to hit more home runs in a season that Maris without any suspicion of wrongdoing...

WOW... WOW... The article was pretty much the baseball world and the world at large craves TRUTH (Emes in Hebrew)... The Torah says to "distance yourself from a falsehood"... make sure you live in a world of truth, to yourself and everyone else around you...

When it comes to exercise, I think almost everyone agrees it is important to maintain a healthy body, but why do so many people not exercise and/or eat unhealthy? So many reasons, put let's put a few out there:

1) people claim they don't have time

2) they say it's hard work

3) it's boring and not fun

Now let's counter each of those claims with just one argument (of many that can be said)

1) people claim they don't have time - Jump Into Shape has proven that a really effective workout can even by 12 minutes long

2) they say it's hard work - it probably is at first, but as you see results and benefits, the work gets sweeter and more enjoyable

3) it's boring and not fun - have you tried every type of exercise (jump roping)? do you have a coach? a workout partner?

Now it is time for the truth... is exercise and health important enough for you to make it a part of your life?

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

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