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The 12 minute workout… Really…

The 12 minute workout… Really…

When Jump Into Shape went online full time with COVID one of the early changes we made was to introduce 12 minute classes… yes, people laughed and said “what can I do in 12 minutes”, “I won’t even break a sweat”, “I want to work out for an hour”, etc, etc..

Also remember that many people complain “I don’t have time to workout”, “I’ll exercise when I am retired”, “it’s okay I walk to my car every day”...

Almost 3 years later I will say that our 12 minute classes are a huge success, Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d)... we have live online 12 minute jump rope classes with bodyweight, 12 minute pelvic, 12 minute stretch, 12 minute abs and arms, and many more classes on video - stretch, chest/back, legs…

Why 12 minutes? It is long enough to get your heart rate up and break a nice sweat, but short enough that you can’t honestly complain you don’t have time to do it… and with 12 live 12 minute classes (that wasn’t planned, we don’t have 30 live 30 minute classes) and 100s and 100s of 12 minute videos on demand, we hope everyone can fit it into their schedule… when I started jump roping, I was jumping 3 times a week for 10 minutes each time and lost 14lbs (that I didn’t need to lose) in 1 year…

I also think it is preferable for people to exercise for a shorter amount each session and exercise more days per week versus exercising for longer and less frequently… of course, everyone has different schedules and priorities so the choice may not be yours… I found that when a person is exercising more frequently, health and fitness and overall wellness is more on their mind and they are likely to make better eating and nutrition and sleep decisions… when a person only exercises once a week, they may only think about eating healthy for the next 24 hours (if that)...

Friends, do you have 12 minutes?

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

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