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Peloton vs Jump Into Shape

Peloton vs Jump Into Shape

Do you really really really like your Peloton? Are you "addicted" to it? If yes, then I need your help... I want you to give it up for 3 months and in return I will give you:

1) 3 months free of Jump Into Shape

2) access to our live classes

3) access to our videos on demand

4) use of 2 weighted Crossropes (1/4lb and 1/2lb) that retail for $119

5) use of an exercise mat

In return you will report to me your progress and comparison between Peloton and Jump Into Shape (and if you like JIS maybe even post about it)...

If you are interested please message me!

Thank you and many blessings,


Please note you can live anywhere but if you participate from outside the US it will be harder to attend the live classes and you’ll be required to pay the shipping costs.


Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

Invest in YOU

1st 30 days = FREE

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