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Needs vs Wants…

Needs vs Wants…

The Succah is a temporary dwelling so I try to use this as a springboard for a conversation with our family about the difference between NEEDS and WANTS…

Usually, things in life that don’t have a lasting impact are wants based on a temporary craving, while things that you really need are long-lasting and can be life-changing…

Ever see a kid the first week they get a new toy? They can’t put it down and the week after it is nowhere to be found…

My list of NEEDS would include (among others)






Pretty sure everyone will agree with the first 4, but when they get to exercise they may say I am being biased and a little crazy… The first 4 are things you can easily see the result from (e.g. instant gratification):

Air - if your head was held under water for 2 minutes, the moment you came up you would be able to breathe easier

Food - imagine walking in the desert for a day without food and then coming to a 5-star restaurant and filling your stomach

Shelter - have you ever been caught unexpectedly in the rain and how good did it feel when you got in a car or house, or even a bus stop?

Clothes - we don’t have to go to the extreme of not having clothes, just think about walking out in the snow with and without a jacket

Exercise - yes, you probably feel great after a workout… nice and refreshed and filled with energy… but, the real benefits are in the long-term, from a stronger heart, better blood circulation, cognitive skills, bone strength, less chance of major diseases, G-d Willing longer life and better quality of life, etc, etc.

Friends, there are many exercise programs and the like you can do… of course, I like Jump Into Shape, but guess what if you read this and even go for an extra walk, I’ve done my part in spreading fitness in the world.

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

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