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THOUGHT ON MOTIVATION - With help from Above, I have been able to motivate 161 people to complete 4,058 classes and burn 835,971 calories so far in 2022... I never took a class or the like on motivation, so what is going on? I think it comes down to a few basic things:

1) I never pray for success, but rather that G-d should "show" me what I should pursue

2) Our instructors do every second of every class while talking and encouraging the members during live classes

3) Jump Into Shape classes are fun, so people enjoy doing them which is vital for exercise

4) Our members are challenged during each class which motivates people to do more

5) Group classes create a sense of community to reach common goals

6) I text members as much as they need to remind them about classes and their goals to hold them accountable

What's the underlying theme? I don't think about motivation per se, but rather focus on what I would want if I was doing an exercise program... If I saw the instructors doing the class, I would know it is doable and they are leading by example, not just shouting instructions at me... fun classes makes the time go by quicker and keep members on their toes (pun intended) so they are fully engaged during each set... I think people like to be physically and mentally challenged as it forces us to grow in so many ways by reaching higher and higher goals and improving our self-confidence to tackle once distant and hard goals... knowing that each member is not alone doing a class or even Jump Into Shape, but rather part of a community gives a person pride and belonging and responsibilty to not let down others...

Just some thoughts on motivation... please let me know how you motivate your employees, clients, members, etc!!!

Thank you and many blessings,


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