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The Moskowitz Electronic-Free Hour Experiment

The Moskowitz Electronic-Free Hour Experiment

After listening to the amazing podcast with Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz by Nachi Gordon on Meaningful People I knew we had to try Rav Berkowitz suggestion, with our own twist...

Rav Berkowitz suggested we put our phones down for one hour a day to improve our communication and interpersonal relationships with friends and family… I challenged our family to be off all electronics for one hour a day from Sunday - Thursday with a few stipulations:

1) It had to be an hour you would have access to electronics (prayer, sleep, school time, etc don’t count)

2) The hour has to be continuous

3) You had to write it down on the family log, which shows the time you did and most importantly what you did during that time

4) A $20 monetary reward will be given to those who complete all days this week

When we spoke about this at the Shabbos table today the response was 100% positive to the "experiment" and the family felt the hour gave them time to focus on other things... "focus" is the key... I offered them for the coming week to do the same experiment with a $15 reward or to do an hour and a separate half hour per day for $20... they all voted to keep the status quo with a $15 reward... stay tuned and try it at home...

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