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PESACH SHENI (The 2nd Pesach)

PESACH SHENI (The 2nd Pesach)

There are so many things we can say about Pesach Sheni which started at nightfall today, but let's keep it simple.

Some of the Jewish people were not able to bring the original Pesach offering and raised their concerns to Moshe. Moshe asked HaShem (G-d) and He said don't worry 30 days later on Pesach Sheni they will have another chance (unless they missed the first chance on purpose).

What's the simple lesson? If you mess up, make a second chance for yourself. Don't say it's over. Say, I will try again.

Your day didn't go as planned, start planning the next day. You missed the opportunity to strengthen a relationship or friendship, make amends now. You missed your fitness goal for the week, start again.

Don't ever say NEVER. Say TODAY is the day to start again.

Many blessings,


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