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Letter to The Rinono Shel Olam

Dear The Ribono Shel Olam (The Master of the World):

As you obviously know, we had an amazing day at Jump Into Shape yesterday. REALLY AMAZING! 32 members completed 40 classes to burn 9,295 calories.

Wow – thank you RIBONO SHEL OLAM for making me YOUR shliach (messenger) of health and fitness to so many people.

We both know, I never attended a fitness class and was never much into fitness (living healthy yes, but fitness not really). But YOU, The RIBONO SHEL OLAM had other plans and decided you would give me the tools and strength to help people lead healthier lives.

I am humbled that what started off as a few people has grown to 32 people doing a class in 1 day from so many places: Israel (4 people), Canada, California (2), Teaneck, Memphis, Edison, Bergenfield, NYC, Brooklyn, Silver Springs, Woodmere, Far Rockaway, Monsey, Chicago, to name a few.

RIBONO SHEL OLAM it is “my” will to spend 15 hours a day learning Torah, but I completed bend “my” will to follow this path that you have obviously set out for me.

RIBONO SHEL OLAM please continue to grant me success in whatever you choose for me.

Thank you,


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