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Huge shout out to Dutra Excavating & Sewer Inc… wow…

Huge shout out to Dutra Excavating & Sewer Inc… wow…

After ongoing sewer issues, we decided to fix the problem once and for all…

Dutra came highly recommended, and they lived up to the recommendation:

1. The initial visit of running the camera through the line was helpful to diagnose the problem (that day they even gave us the video on an electronic business card with a USB stick all in one)

2. Chris Dutra called later that day to set up a meeting to review the video

3. When Chris came he explained everything in clear easy to understand terms and proposed a solution

4. Of note, Chris mentioned that the most important thing at Dutra is the culture of the firm and people work there forever… he may run the show, but everyone has the ability to shine and give their input and solve problems

5. We agree on a pipe bursting ( and they set up everything with the town, etc

6. Today, on the day of the job, everyone was on time, respectful, and focused and the job went smoothly as can be

If you personally or professionally need sewer work, please all Dutra (business card in comments) for a quote… Oh, also ask Chris how he went from stockbroker to sewer - it’s a story based on morals, ethics and humanity…

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

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