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Goal Setting 101

Goal Setting 101

  1. Start to think of your goal for your upcoming project... get excited about it and tell others... you haven’t achieved anything yet, but there is tons of potential… think of opening day in baseball or the fanfare at school the first day or the beginning of a marathon… everyone is exited but nothing tangible has been achieved (the intangible of setting a goal and starting is not to be understated as many people done even do that)

  2. The goal has to be measurable and in a specific time... if we use exercise as an example you can say "I plan to G-d Willing complete 5 hours of exercise this month or complete 10 classes or lose 1/2 inch on my waist"...

  3. Honest assessment at end of time frame... to continue our example at the end of the month you have tally up the classes or the minutes you completed and be honest... did you complete your goal, fall short or exceed it...

  4. Celebrate your accomplishment big or small... let's say you completed zero classes in the month is there really anything to celebrate? yes, not a big celebration, but still the fact that you even set a goal... whatever you accomplished should be celebrated... that said, you have to ask yourself honestly what stopped you from reaching your goal if that was case??? were the factors internal or outside of control... let's say you G-d Forbid had a flood in your house and spent the month dealing with it... that's a lot different than saying you couldn't push yourself to find 12 minutes to work out 3 times in a week because you were lazy... be honest and figure out how to change it for the next goal

  5. Set next goal... take all the information above and set your next goal... maybe the previous goal was too easy or too hard or maybe the next month you know you are travelling for work or taking vacation... whatever it is, plan accordingly and honestly...

  6. Start ASAP... set up a time to exercise that night... look at the Jump Into Shape class schedule and put times on your calendar that you plan to attend the classes or commit to doing a video on demand... hold yourself to it...

  7. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP... whatever happens, don't get down and keep your head up and do your best...

Oh, my exercise goal for the next 30 days has nothing to do with me as Thank G-d I exercise way to much... it has to do with YOU... G-d Willing I would like to to get 20 people to try our FREE 30 days... let me know if you can help me reach my goal...

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

Invest in YOU

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