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From 10 people a week to 42 people in 1 day… WOW

From 10 people a week to 42 people in 1 day… WOW

What an adventure it has been… when COVID hit we were having 2 in-person classes a week and maybe 10 people came… yesterday alone 42 people did a Jump Into Shape class... what's going on here? Thank G-d people are attracted to Jump Into Shape for the following reasons:

-> Almost 30 live classes per week via Zoom so you don't have to leave your house

-> Over 1,000 videos on demand so you can exercise whenever you want

-> 8 women's only classes for women to exercise in a modest atmosphere

-> FREE 30 days to try Jump Into Shape before committing to anything

-> FREE use of $150 equipment for 30 days (2 Crossropes weighted ropes and exercise mat)

-> Live instructors with constant encouragement and guidance

-> Live instructors that lead the class and do every second of the class with you

-> Constant individual and team challenges to push you to do more

-> The "stat" email that approximates your calories for the class, week, month, year and ranked versus others

-> The follow-up and guidance and gentle reminders of how important exercise is

-> The use of weighted jump ropes for most of our classes


Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

Invest in YOU

1st 30 days = FREE

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