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Don’t be afraid to go against the norm…

Don’t be afraid to go against the norm…

G-d Willing our son will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in two weeks from this Shabbos… Many families in our community sponsor a kiddush at the shul after the prayer service… the kiddush can range from cold foods to a very elaborate spread with cold and hot foods and candy, drinks, etc.…

We considered going the traditional route and sponsoring a kiddush at the shul, but the cheapest package was more than we wanted to spend… I am NOT criticizing the shul or anyone that goes the traditional route in any way, shape or form – that would make for a great discussion, but that is not the point here… the shul is doing their best to come up with a standard form to make the process efficient for families that want to have their kiddush at the shul...

So, what did we do?

We contacted the city and received permission for an official “block party” … the city will block off our street for a few hours and because we are not charging admission or selling anything, there is ZERO cost... we of course have to supply all the food, tables, drinks, etc, but that is fine as we plan to make it very basic with mostly store-bought plates and knives available for people to cut their own cake and enjoy…

In my 16 plus years in our community, I have never seen a kiddush like this… I don’t know if it will be great or a flop, but we know that it is okay to try something new…

Many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

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