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Week # 5 - Changing Relationship with the phone to INCREASE productivity to reach life GOALS..

Week # 5 - Changing Relationship with the phone to INCREASE productivity to reach life GOALS... are you in?

Wow, Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d) the first 4 weeks have been life-changing, but I know I can accomplish much more…


Week #1 - started putting my phone down at 11pm and didn’t touch it after that… Of course it always buzzes, but I don’t even look at it

Week #2 - every time I go into the car for less than 20 minutes, I get out of the car, without looking at the phone… starting to build barriers of touch and release…

Week #3 - When I talk to someone on the phone, I REFUSE to scroll or look at my phone at the same time... Not only is it 100% rude, but you can’t fully concentrate on the conversation… what a change in mindfulness this has been

Week #4 - I stopped being on my phone while I ate… that means, not talk, not read something, not look at texts, not plan my next Jump Into Shape class… it means being mindful of what I am eating, eating slow, appreciating the tastes that HaShem (G-d) brings to me

Week #5 - Disconnecting more... 20 minutes a day not to use the phone... I am going to try to make it the 20 minutes right after I pray the afternoon service... usually I get about 30 minutes to learn in shul before prayer, plus 20 minutes for prayer, so an additional 20 after that will be a good 70 minutes away from the phone... my plan is 20 per day, but if I can get to shul early, it may lead to 70... now, that is a game changer!!!

It’s all about little steps… I am not saying my approach is the best for everyone, but I have thought about a slow, methodical method to achieve my goals.

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

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