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New phase of Jump Into Shape

When Jump Into Shape started, we were only jump roping over 45 minutes…

Then we added bodyweight exercises to the classes...

Then came online classes…

Then women’s only classes…

Then pelvic, bodyweight, abs, arms, kickboxing…

And now, we added weight training to our classes…

In one class, we pack in jump roping with weighted ropes, bodyweight exercises and now weight training….

Benefits of strength training:

-->Makes you stronger and fitter

-->Improved bone density

-->Boosted metabolism and fat loss

-->Develop better body mechanics

-->Can help with chronic disease management

-->Boosts energy levels and improves your mood

-->Better cardiovascular health

-->Reduced risk of chronic conditions

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

Invest in YOU

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