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Why wellness programs are essential to corporate success

Why wellness programs are essential to corporate success...

Corporate wellness programs are essential for every corporate business model to provide for their employees. A 2017 CDC study found 60 percent of U.S worksites with fifty employees or more offer a wellness program. Why are wellness programs significant and vital for employee success?

Reduces costs:

--->Companies who offer wellness programs often succeed at reducing costs

--->The demand for health care drops which helps employers save money on health care spending

Increases productivity:

--->Wellness programs do not just offer physical fitness, rather the focus is a holistic approach which includes mental, physical, and financial health

--->Stress, depression, anxiety, headaches, and other illnesses all contribute to loss of productivity

--->By incorporating a holistic approach, absenteeism due to illness may reduce significantly.

Boosts employee morale:

Wellness programs help create a community culture through health--->

Creating a positive community culture will improve positivity, trust and commitment between employee and employer

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