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We ALL have “9.11 moments” … just have to see and hear them…

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

We ALL have “9.11 moments” … just have to see and hear them…

In the last few years when I have been asked to speak about my 9.11 experience to students, I have broken the talk into 3 parts:

1) my actual experience

2) how the experience affected me

3) everyone’s “9.11 experience”

Let me example what is a “9.11 experience” … I use this term to refer to the times that it was so clear to you that HaShem (G-d) was behind the scenes leading your life… that He orchestrating things that would be best for you, even if it took years for you to see it...

Some personal examples:

1) when I was saved on 9.11

2) when I got into Rutgers, but didn’t want to go, and BH met my amazing wife there

3) when I didn’t bring lunch to kindergarten one day, and a kid Neil gave me lunch and now for 45 years we have been best friends

Other possible examples for you or others”

1) a teacher guided you to your current profession

2) you failed your driving test could’ve saved you from a car accident

3) getting cut from a sports team forced you to work harder and as a result you are more resilient in everything you do

I can write endless examples, but this is really just the introduction to the real point… I truly believe that after a person is able to identify a few of these (and always be on the lookout for me), they have to take real action:

1) write them down

2) pray over them (constantly thank G-d for sending these signs)

3) tell others about them

After every Shemini Esri (the central Jewish prayer) I thank G-d for saving me physically and spiritually, a reference to 9.11 and becoming religious… I want to keep these things fresh in my mind, so I don’t take it for granted and to remember He is always guided me… I often think about that I sent my resume to Cantor Fitzgerald many times and never even received a response...

Please let me know your thoughts on this…

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

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