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HAVE A BUSINESS IDEA - DON'T LISTEN TO EVERYONE'S ADVICE - When I first started Jump Into Shape, people laughed at me that I was starting a fitness program (some still laugh)... did I listen? Yes and no - YES to the ones that wanted to offer advice, guidance and thoughtful insights - I listend with both ears to see how I could be successful... NO to the ones that just said I was crazy and it was a waste of my time - I just ignored them as they were usually echoing their own insecurities of trying new ideas and busineses...

What is the quick takeaway? Do you have an idea? A business you want to start? DON'T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS!!! I am not saying "jump" in with both feet, build a $500,000 factory, quit your job based on a hunch and unproven idea... I am saying take it slow (I was working at my full time job for a while as I ran Jump Into Shape classes at night), make sure you always fine tune your product (to this day we tweak the schedule, the routines, etc), ask for feedback from people that will be honest with you, don't be stubborn and it's okay to admit your idea won't work(Jump Into Shape is the 3rd company I incorporated and 100th business idea I had), and of course most importantly ask G-d for guidance.... on the last point I really want to stress that to this day I don't ask G-d for Jump Into Shape to succeed, but rather for Him to show me guidance if I should pursue Jump Into Shape or some other endeavor in life...

I would love to hear your idea that you are working on (my wife and I one time were going to set up a website for people to buy dogs even though neither of us ever had a dog) and wish you many blessings along the way, Moshe

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