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Building Emunah (“faith”, “belief” in G-d) - real life experience

Building Emunah (“faith”, “belief” in G-d) - real life experience

Out of nowhere, HaShem (G-d) literally had Renewal ( call me up to set up a 5 month partnership of Health and Wellness for their kindey donors… Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d) over 80 people signed up for the initiative… and the ones that actually took advantage completed over 2,200 classes and burned over 400,000 calories… the final day of the initiative ended yesterday and it was time to see who would sign up to continue with Jump Into Shape…

This initiative literally doubled our program over the last 5 months, so obviously if everyone joined it would double our income… that would affect future programming, a new app… a lot at stake… some of these people went from exercising ZERO to 5 12-minute classes per week…

The moment came and less than I thought had signed up so far… so, what happened?

I had a very honest conversation with the Master of the World… I spoke something like this out loud..

HaShem, Renewal was never on my radar you and made this connection… how can I be upset… does it matter if 1 or 80 people join??? My entire parnasa (income) is in your hands, I just have to do my part… you can split the Yom Suf (“Red Sea” which is on our daughter’s test today that I was reviewing with her last night), you can get me members from anywhere and at anytime… I have full emunah that what you want will happen will be the best for me..

With that, I went on working…

Of note, I have never davened (prayed) for success at Jump Into Shape… I daven that HaShem should only show me signs if I am going down the right path so I don’t waste my time…

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