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A STORY ABOUT OUR MEMBER YOSEF* - Yosef has been a member of Jump Into Shape for about 2 years…. the first year he was very consistent, doing 2-3 classes per week… the next year was different…

he had a slight injury, changed jobs, busy with family, and was still serving as the volunteer president of a huge organization… suffice to say I didn’t see Yosef at our classes much in the last year…

how did I react? The same as I do with all our members - sent messages to gently push him, reminders about our challenges and contests, and articles about health, etc… Yosef was different than most of our members because I would run into him at least once a week in person and I always asked “should I give up on you?” And he always said “don’t give up on me”

fast forward to the past week and Yosef did 4 12-minute classes… wow… what changed? a) his youngest child made a comment about his belly… b) he realized that he can't put his health on hold forever and c) he decided he can make time for important things..

lessons learned: don't give up on other people and constantly give them the support they need... make sure when people are ready to help themselves, they can do it right away... the support should be tailored made the member and conveyed the way they need to hear it... some times the advice they will hear will come from someone you least expect it to (and not you)...

Thank you and many blessings, Moshe

*name changed

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