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PREPARATION REQUIRED When learning the pasuk (verse) below this morning, I thought perhaps the REASON Moshe (Moses) heard HaShem's (G-d) voice was because Moshe came to the Tent specifically to speak with HaShem. Said differently, Moshe was preparing, mentally, physically, and spiritually, to engage in a special encounter with G-d, so it opened up the channels to communicate.

This lesson can be applied to ANYTHING. If we properly prepare we have a higher chance of success. If we have the right sneakers (and jump rope) our exercise workout will be more effective. If we study the proper texts, the lecture from the Rabbi will make more sense. If we study for the test, we will do better. If we plan an important conversation before we have it, the desired result is more likely to happen. If we don't react spontaneously to a child misbehaving, but think for a few seconds (or minutes or days) about how to discipline the child, all parties will benefit.

And if prepare for our life goals we are more likely to reach them.

Thank you and many blessings, Moshe

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