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May 27 Newsletter

Two weeks remain in the 10-week challenge where you earn a raffle ticket for amazing prizes each week you complete 36 minutes of classes. Over 200 tickets earned so far! Congrats to Lori, who earned a ticket each week!

Our team challenge race to 15,000 calories and 60 classes is going strong. In the calories race, team Keith, Lea M. and Devori lead with 8,720 calories. In the classes race, team Mira, Yaacov G., and Rachel S. is tied with team Keith, Lea M. and Devori with 38 classes.

Coming soon - team challenges by the city/country you live in!!! Stay tuned. Winning team members will be entered in a raffle to win prizes.

Congrats to Lori for passing 25,000 calories burned, Rabbi Ben and Keith 20,000 and Maya for passing 15,000. Keith also moved to #1 in calories in 2022.Congrats to Rachel for completing her 250th class, Mira for completing her 150th class, David P.and Rabbi Chaim for completing their 100th classes.

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