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Leading by Example / Your Health Matters Everywhere

Leading by Example / Your Health Matters Everywhere

I always encourage our members to take Jump Into Shape with them on the road… all you need is your ropes, a mat and internet connection… and you have access to our 30 live classes a week and 1,800 videos on demand... however, often when people travel they make excuses to not exercise… it is always easy to make an excuse

Yesterday, when I was on the road, I not only exercised, but led three classes… yes, the set up wasn’t ideal… yes, it wasn’t my usual studio… yes, the video cut off my head… yes, I wasn’t able to bring my dumbbells…


Yes, I exercised…. Yes, I broke a sweat… yes, I made my health a priority wherever I am… yes, I set an example for our family that our health must always be a priority.. 

Many blessings, Moshe

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