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My Greatest Miracle - Relationship with My Father

My Greatest Miracle - Relationship with My Father

Many people know that I survived being in the towers on Sept 11 and also that I became religious later in life after growing up secular... Although I consider both of those huge miracles, I think the relationship I had with my father to be the biggest miracle in my life...

When I was 23, my father decided to "convert out" of Judaism and practice another religion... He actually became an ordained deacon... His decision to "convert out" was what actually let me to discover my roots of Judaism and ultimately led me to

lead a religious life...

Through the years, I don't think we ever really debated or argued our religious practices, but it would have been very easy for us constantly argue and debate, etc... we just accepted that we would disagree religiously and it would be better to focus on our father - son relationship...

I can honestly say religion never got in the way of our relationship... there were things I didn't do that he asked me (eg address letters to him as deacon or reciprocate phone calls to wish him good holidays that he followed) but he understood those things were not to cause him hurt per so, but simply not in line with my religious beliefs...

Nonetheless, for years until his passing the other day, we were able to maintain, Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d) an amazing father-son relationship... In a day and age when there is so much hatred and division, we simply valued each other, family and put that above any differences we had... it wasn't until recently that I didn't think this was a big deal, but as I spoke to some people they made me realize that this is truly a miracle... so I thank HaShem for this miracle that until my father's death we were able to maintain an amazing relationship...

Miss you tons dad and love you always!

Thank you and many blessings,


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