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Mindful Exercise

Mindful Exercise by Coach K (Meir Kaniel), Director of Nefesh Inspired & the Runnergize program, &

Mindful-based exercise is a training approach where one works to make exercise decisions from a place of thought rather than based on his emotions. A runner using this approach will plan his workouts in advance to determine the exact distance and pace that he will be running. He will make a strong effort to follow his plan and not veer from the details of the workout. He does this because while he is running, there are many powerful forces (cramps, exhaustion, soreness, bad weather, etc.) that may stop him from finishing his run. To counter this, a mindful-focused runner makes a thought-out calculation in advance based on what his body can handle and then uses all of his energy to keep to that plan despite the pressure. He understands that during the workout, he is under stress and often can’t rely on himself to make the best decision so he therefore trusts his advance calculation to help guide him on his way.

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