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2022 RECAP

Read about our 2022 accomplishments and 2023 outlook.

I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for an AMAZING, unbelievable, goal-setting year at Jump Into Shape. What we achieved in 2022 at Jump Into Shape was beyond my wildest dreams and of course only possible with the help from HaShem (G-d). We, in the Jump Into Shape community, collectively completed 7,284 classes and burned approximately 1,455,735 calories versus 4,538 classes and 1,054,371 calories in 2021. WOW! Checkout the 2022 rankings below to see who led in calories and classes completed for the year.

People joined classes from around the world, including Bergenfield, Teaneck, Queens, Brooklyn, Newtown, Monsey, Spring Valley, Lakewood, Baitar, Bet Shemesh, Edison, New York City, Washington Heights, Chicago, Pleasanton, Chesterfield, Passaic, Silver Springs, Marlboro, West Long Branch, East Brunswick, Toms River, Flushing, Airmont, North Miami Beach, Inwood, Far Rockaway, Woodmere, and even from Canada and Australia.

We expanded to 30 weekly live classes offered 6 days a week, including 8 for women only and 2 private classes. We have a variety of weekly classes: jump rope with bodyweight HIIT, pilates, pelvic power, stretch, and bodyweight for women only, as well as many yoga classes available on demand among the over 1,000 videos in our online members-only library


A special thanks to Rabbi Moshe Gewertz and the Renewal program for partnering with Jump Into Shape to provide fitness and nutrition to kidney donors. In the past month, Renewal members completed over 500 classes and benefited from 4 nutritional info sessions and 12 short nutritional videos hosted by Shirra. Over 80 kidney donors have taken advantage of the very generous offer from Renewal and we look forward to welcoming more donors to the Jump Into Shape community.


We are looking forward to offering many new programs in 2023, such as:

  • A 12-minute meditation and breathing class, one for men and a separate one for women

  • A nutritional component to complement the fitness classes

  • A greater variety of men and women trainers


A very special thank you to Shirra who has continued to provide amazing women's only classes that has received all-around praise from those who join. She has also been very instrumental in providing the nutritional component of the Renewal program and working with me on how we can bring Jump Into Shape to the next level in 2023 and beyond.

A special thanks to my wonderful wife Michele, who continues to lead women’s classes, redesigned our website, and does almost everything possible behind the scenes to help Jump Into Shape run smoothly.

We want to thank Mira for the classes she led earlier this year and for supporting Jump Into Shape as our first administrator. Additionally, a huge thanks to Crossrope, specifically David Hunt and Joanie Geckler for their partnership and guidance from the start.

Many blessings for a healthy 2023 and beyond,


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