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BE A "MUAD" - not really, but kindof.. I'll explain

In Torah language, a Muad (literally warned) is an animal that does a destructive act three times and his owner was warned about each incident. This is not the time of animal you want, because you will have to pay more for the damage.

However, you do want to build POSITIVE reoccurring actions like exercise. Yesterday, a long-time Jump Into Shape member who hasn't been active recently said he was going to do a 12-min class every day. I said if that is your goal this week, you will fail horribly. Start with a realistic goal of 1 12-minute class this week, then 2 next week, and then reassess.

The ultimate goal is to be like a MUAD and have a consistent schedule week in and week out, but start slow with big goals and remember that you may stumble along the week.

Many blessings for a healthy MUAD week, Moshe

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