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Fitness for Good

This is your chance to raise $100 for your choice of our non-profit partners. Join Jump Into Shape for 6 months and $50 will be donated immediately. Then $1 for each class completed up to $50 will be donated. 

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Intense Workout

How It Works

The Fitness for Good Membership includes a 6-month Jump Into Shape membership and a set of Crossrope weighted jump ropes, which together retail for $640. Offer valid for new members only. Each person who joins the 6-month Fitness for Good Membership program can direct a $50 donation to any one of the participating non-profit organizations. For every fitness class completed during the 6-month membership, $1 will be donated on the members behalf to the selected participating non-profit organization up to $50. Donations can be directed to participating non-profit organizations only. One organization can be selected by each member for both the initial $50 and $1 donations. 

Join Now


You have a choice of traditional weighted jump ropes or ropeless jump ropes. Ropeless jump ropes are ideal for people:

  • with limited space, e.g. apartments

  • who do not want to bother downstairs neighbors

  • with limited mobility

  • concerned about the impact of jumping on their joints and back

Please Select

Non-Profit Partners

Thank you for joining!

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