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Your 1st 30 days are free. We lend you ropes and a mat and you try Jump Into Shape for 30 days for free. Then, join as a member or return the equipment at no cost to you.  REGISTER NOW

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Bringing personal motivation to virtual health and fitness

We inspire and engage people in lifelong health, in ways that fit their lifestyle.

David L, Bergenfield

"I have found jump roping to be a great form of exercise and look forward to the weekly classes. Moshe made sure that each participant developed the necessary form and technique so that we could all progress and maximize our experience."


Invest In Your Health

We believe that fitness is an investment in your future. People need a healthy body to reach their potential and making health and fitness part of your life is life-changing. 

There is no such thing as instant gratification in fitness. Achieving results takes patience and perseverance, and maintaining those results requires consistent commitment and a program that fits your lifestyle.


Jump Into Shape helps members achieve their health and fitness goals by combining the motivation of a personal trainer with the accessibility of virtual classes in ways that fit their lifestyle. Each new member receives jump ropes, an exercise mat, and a live online one-on-one jump roping tutorial with a trainer. There are close to 30 weekly live online fitness classes (8 of which are for women only and classes with male trainers are open to women with their video off), and over 1,500 class videos on-demand. Personalized motivational messages, inspirational coaching, frequent contests and challenges, a community leaderboard, and a weekly newsletter keep members engaged and accountable for their goals.

Our Team

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Moshe Moskowitz

Moshe is the founder, owner, and head trainer of Jump Into Shape.  At age 40, Moshe discovered jump roping as an efficient way to get fit and stay fit. He lost 14 lbs in one year jump roping consistently for 10 minutes a day 3 days a week. Recognizing a need for others in his community to get in shape, Moshe launched Jump Into Shape in November 2018 with in-person classes.  In March 2020, Jump into Shape transitioned to online classes and expanded to offer women's only jump roping, pilates, bodyweight, and stretch classes. Every aspect of the Jump Into Shape experience has been designed by Moshe. Members are held accountable for their goals, challenged to reach their potential, and supported with personal encouragement and coaching. Moshe has trained 100s of people and led approximately 2,000 classes. His favorite class is the 20-minute Intense (Wednesdays at 7:40 pm EST).


Shirra Haddad Averbuch

Shirra is a holistic health coach certified in nutrition, personal training, yoga, and group fitness. Her philosophy is that our mind, body, and soul are interconnected and the only way to achieve optimal health is to live with all three in harmony and balance. Although there are principals that apply to most people, Shirra believes in bio-individuality, the idea that there is no one size fits all approach to health, and we need to assess each person in a unique way.  Her mantra is to seek equilibrium and create sustainable ways for people to live their best life while maintaining core principals of health and longevity. Shirra instructs the womens only pilates, bodyweight, pelvic power, and stretch classes.

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Michele Moskowitz

Michele followed Moshe's lead and discovered jump roping as a convenient and effective way to get in shape. As a full-time working mother, for many years exercise was not her top priority. Jump roping changed that and allowed her to fit fitness into her day. It wasn't long until Michele advanced to leading the women's only jump roping classes. Her favorite class is the women's only 30-minute Sunday morning beginner class (Sundays at 8:00 am EST), because a day that starts with exercise is a good one. 


Leya Thurm

Leya is a Certified Personal Trainer who has been leading a myriad of fitness classes for many years, as well as offering private sessions for clients of all ages and backgrounds. A wife, mom of 5 and an elementary school teacher, Leya's philosophy is that success in any of life's endeavors is made exponentially more attainable when feeling energized and strong. Through her own love of health and exercise, Leya has been inspiring clients to share in her passion through a multi-faceted and rigorous routine that seeks to bring out the hidden strengths in each person and leave them feeling their very best. Leya is super excited to be part of the Jump Into Shape team!

Why Jump Into Shape

​Jump Into Shape was founded to bring the benefits of jump roping to those looking for an efficient and convenient fitness program. Jump roping is a versatile, effective, and fun full-body workout. 


Exercise wherever you are! Join our classes live or access our 1,500 workout videos on demand 

through our website or app.  No extra time is needed to drive to a gym; simply roll out your mat and start working out. 


Whether it’s jump roping, kickboxing, weight training or more, our classes, which range from 12-30 minutes, provide a great workout for you, whatever your level.  All classes, live and on demand, vary from beginner (no equipment) to advanced (weighted jump ropes and weights).  And you can modify every class to be easier or harder. 


Our instructors exercise every second with you, providing real time feedback and motivation.  We do our best to correct your form during class to increase the efficiency of your current workout, and our instructors are free to meet outside of class for additional help.  Most importantly, you’ll receive emails and text to help motivate and inspire you so you can reach your goals. Plus, individual weekly and monthly individual or team contests, as well as the leaderboards, also push you to keep going.


Personalized Touch

The personal touch is by far the hallmark of Jump Into Shape. It is a community and Moshe knows everyone’s exercise schedule by heart; if you miss a class, he will reach out via text to ensure everything is okay. Plus, Moshe knows members sometimes forget to sign up for a class so if that happens, he’ll text you the link so you can get right on it and enjoy your workout. The huge variety of classes allow you to find the right class for you, and if you need help or have questions, the staff is there to answer questions and offer suggestions. 


Most of our members did not exercise regularly before joining, and many quickly realized the benefits exercise provides, such as a decrease in stress levels, an increase in energy levels, weight loss, lower cholesterol and more. 

Giving Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Jump Into Shape donates $5 per class completed to a different tzedeak (charity) organization.  We believe it is important to give back to our community and spread the work of health to others.  Prior recipients have been Yad Leah, Project Menucha, JEMS Academy, The Podcast Fellowship, United Hatzalah, My Extended Family, Liam's Life and The JWE.

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Jump Into Shape Stats

Calories Burned All-Time: 4,552,628

Participants: 649

Classes Completed: 20,919

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