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SEE SOMETHING - CALL 911 - YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE - Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d) I was in the right place at the right time this morning.. early in the morning on the way to the mikvah I saw a car on the grass with its hazards on and the front of the car was touching or inches away from a brick wall... it took a while to process, but then I called 9.11...

on the way to shul, I decided to take a detour to go by the scene of the accident... I was hoping to find everything ok, but unfortunately, I came back to a mess (see pictures)... as I drove by this time and looked closely it even appeared the windows of the car were shattered...

fast forward - I have a friend on the EMT and he said if I was the first one to call, it's likely I saved the person’s life... they were in really bad shape and had to be taken to the hospital ASAP...

I really didn't know if I should post this, but I decided to post it for the following reason - there were other cars driving past the scene and I don't know if they didn't see the accident or didn't think to call or maybe they actually did call before me... What's the point? If you see something, CALL 911... DON'T HESITATE.. if you are not sure, STILL CALL 9.11… you can save a life.

Thank you and many blessings, Moshe

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