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Last day of the school year - some lessons I learned...

Last day of the school year - some lessons I learned...

Wow - another school year over for our 4 children. It flew by, but Baruch HaShem (Thank G-d) it was normal without masks, no quarantines, no plexiglass, etc, etc.

Had a few minutes today to reflect on some lessons (in no special order) I am going to try to take with me:

-Baruch HaShem we have children and to daven (pray) for those they don’t yet.

-Transitions are hard on kids and adults. In this case, as they go to the summer and next year G-d Willing to the next grade and for some a new school.

-There are always bumps in the road. This school year had its share for our children from academic to social and everything in between. There is no telling what HaShem has in store, but to believe it is all for the good.

-We can excel at different things. Our children are not carbon copies of my wonderful wife, me, or of each other. It’s important to remind myself of that.

-Enjoy the journey. The year and life have ups and downs, but there is so much to enjoy at each step it’s worth focusing on that.

-The end of a period (day, week, month, year, school year, etc.) is a time to reflect on all that each of our kids accomplished in their relationship with G-d, their friends, their parents, and teachers.

-The "real-life" is not about jobs or money, but about one’s relationship with G-d and other human beings.

-The summer is still a time to grow as a person, as that is a 24/7, 365 day per year goal and duty of every soul.

Thank you and many blessings,


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