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How do you help your clients to stay motivated?

I was asked this question on LinkedIn and here was my reply:

A few things that come to mind:

1) The classes that I lead I complete every second of every class along with our members. They know that I am in the trenches with them no matter how hard the class is. When they see their “motivator” not giving up, it gives them the strength to do more.

2) I work to create a personal relationship with each client, that many of them are now good friends. Like all relationships, it takes a little while to figure out how to push each one to reach their exercise goals. Logistically, some like texts, some like WhatsApp, some need personal videos, some emails, etc. On a content level, some like the challenge of being on the leaderboard, some have their personal goals to meet, some want to get in shape for a certain event in the future, etc. The personal relationships create a partnership that the member often tells me they exercised not to let me down.

3) Constant praise and shout outs. During the classes I teach I say everyone’s name multiple times, where they are from and what they have accomplished at Jump Into Shape (from 2 days in a row to leaderboard this week). They realize that each one is an individual and on their own track and all their accomplishments are valued. I also remind them that they are only competing against themselves – who they were last week and who they want to be next week.

4) The leaderboard and milestone message. Each week our Weekly Recaps lists 2 leaderboard and 2 milestones sections. Anyone that makes any of those lists gets a personal text from with the Weekly Recap followed by a personal voice message of praise and congrats.

Thank you and many blessings,



Moshe Moskowitz

Jump Into Shape

CEO, Founder and Head Trainer

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