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Sometimes it takes years, but things come full circle

(This post will be intentionally vague for reasons you will understand).

For almost a decade I worked in the business office of a private Jewish day school "chasing" parents that owe money and also facilitating the entire scholarship process. Reading and reviewing 100s of scholarship applications every year was mentally hard, but rewarding knowing the children would now be able to attend Jewish day school. I rarely interacted with the kids themselves as they were just faceless names on a piece of paper.

Recently I encountered one of the kids whom I know was a recipient of a scholarship while they were at the school. To see the person they became and to know that I had a very small part in HaShem's (G-d's) plan was so amazing. Without going to this school, who knows where this kid would be and if they would have any connection to HaShem.

What's the moral - you never know how your actions can affect others!

I hope I am blessed to have many more chance encounters.

Thank you and many blessings, Moshe

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