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FREE 30-Day Membership

It's simple. We are here to help jumpstart your fitness journey or take it to the next level. We give you everything you need to try the program for 30 days. Let's work together to achieve your fitness goals.

Workout Equipments


This is your chance to see what Jump Into Shape is all about. Use the 30-day free membership to begin a lifelong investment in your health.  Jump Into Shape offers a variety of online classes designed to meet your needs, including jump roping, pilates, bodyweight workouts with and without free weights, ab workouts, kickboxing, and seated workouts with ropeless jump ropes, weights, and bodyweight exercises.

If the thought of exercise is intimidating or you have pre-existing injuries, our instructors guide you through low-impact exercises to build muscle strength and endurance. You have nothing to lose and all to gain by bringing fitness into your weekly routine

Class Access

You will have over 25 live online classes each week and 1,000s of videos on-demand to choose from, including 8 classes for women only and 3 classes from a seated position (starting in November 2023).


We provide you with the equipment you need to get started.  We lend you a set of Crossrope weighted jump ropes (retail $129) and an exercise mat. If you are limited on space, have neighbors below you to consider, are unable to jump, or have limited mobility, you can request a set of ropeless ropes (yes, there is such a thing).


Your free 30-day membership begins once you receive the equipment in the mail.  At the end of the month, you decide to either continue with one of our many membership plans or pay to return the equipment. You have nothing to lose and all to gain by bringing fitness into your weekly routine!  

Note: You will be charged $1.00 to validate your method of payment in the event you don't return the equipment if you don't continue after the free 30 days.  The $1.00 will be returned to you.   NOTHING will be charged to your card automatically.  If you choose to continue, you have to sign up and consent to future payments.

*This offer is for new members only.  There will be a shipping cost for the free 30 days to ship outside of the US.

Join Now


You have a choice of traditional weighted jump ropes or ropeless jump ropes. Ropeless jump ropes are ideal for people:

  • with limited space, e.g. apartments

  • who do not want to bother downstairs neighbors

  • with limited mobility

  • concerned about the impact of jumping on their joints and back

Please Select

A heavy-duty exercise mat is strongly recommended when jumping rope. 

Do you need a mat?

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for joining!

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