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Ezras Nashim
Complimentary Workout

Ezras Nashim invites you to a free exercise class live online via Zoom.

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A live 30-minute online class will take place on Motzei Shabbos, March 4th at 8:15 pm EST for women and on Sunday, March 5th at 9:00 pm EST for men.  

Sign up now using the form below. Upon receipt, you will receive a link for z

About Jump Into Shape

Jump Into Shape offers a variety of online classes designed to meet your needs, including jump roping, pilates, bodyweight workouts with and without free weights, ab workouts, kickboxing, and seated workouts with ropeless jump ropes, weights, and bodyweight exercises. You will have over 25 live online classes each week and 1,000s of videos on demand to choose from, including 8 classes for women only and 3 classes from a seated position.

Try it free for 30 days. If the thought of exercise is intimidating or you have pre-existing injuries, our instructors guide you through low-impact exercises to build muscle strength and endurance. 

We provide you with a set of weight jump ropes or ropeless ropes and a mat. Some videos on demand require jump ropes or free weights and many videos require no equipment at all.

You have nothing to lose and all to gain by bringing fitness into your weekly routine.

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