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Goal Setting and Review

This is a picture taken of a goal I posted to my shtender about 6 years ago… The goal was set when I was around 40 years old (if I recall correctly) to earn all 4,224 Mishnayot twice a year by the time I G-d Willing turn 50… I am a few months away from 47 so still on track…

What is Mishnayot? The plural of Mishna is a written collection of the Jewish oral law… There are 4,224 of them on various topics and each are various lengths, written in Hebrew…

When I first set the goal, my Hebrew still needed a lot of work, but I started learning 2 a day and at times went up to 4 a day and towards the end 6-8 a day, till I finished all Mishnayot for the first time 5 months ago (about 5 years after I started)... When I learn each Mishna, I do it multiple times, in a combination of Hebrew and English and also review the chapter quickly after I complete it… Today, I am G-d Willing learning 12 Mishnayot per day (Monday - Friday) and 20 on Shabbos and Sunday, doing each Mishna 4 times…

Let’s talk for a little about the impact of not just goal setting, but reviewing your learning… Of course, this can be applied to anything learning, from secular material to science, to Mishnayot and other Torah studies…

GOALS - when a person sets a goal, it keeps you focused and you won’t lose sight of the end game… that is, if you review your goal on a regular basis… every day, every week you are working towards it and tracking your progress… if you miss a day or two, you say “ok”, lets focus on today and getting back on track..

IMPACT - you actually learn the material… the past Shabbos I think I quoted 5 different Mishnayot (I didn’t know them verbatim or 100% where they appeared, but I was impressed I remembered the material somewhat)... it creates a seder (order) to your day… things aren’t haphazard… you can’t waste too much time or you won’t hit your goal

Many blessings to reaching your goal and seeing the impact of it daily,


Thank you and many blessings,



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