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Women’s Intro to Pilates with a Cardio Twist (8 Weeks)

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Who should do this program? Tailored for women interested in mastering the fundamental principles of Pilates movement, alignment, posture, and breathing. It is an opportunity to understand your body's connectivity and alignment while experiencing a challenging and firming workout. What do I need? An exercise mat and a desire to lead a healthier life and develop a healthy exercise routine. Ankle weights are optional starting in week 4. What can I expect? The program includes 3 videos per week, starting at 15 minutes per video for the first four weeks, and increasing to 20 minutes per video for the final four weeks. Each class will focus on pilates and include some cardio exercises to provide a full-body workout. Do I need experience in Pilates? No. You will learn the basics in the class. What is included in the program? 1. 3 video workouts per week for 8 weeks 2. Exercise mat ($32 retail) 3. A coupon code to join 4 live classes over the 8 weeks ($80 value). The mat is NOT included for current members. Use coupon code NOMAT to save $32 if you already have an exercise mat. *** There is no cost for regular monthly Jump Into Shape members***

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Single Payment
3 Plans Available
From $60.00/month


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