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Kickstart Program (12 Weeks)

  • 12Weeks
  • 57Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Who should do this program? People of all levels and ages looking to start or restart their exercise routine to lead a healthier life, have increased movement of their body, more energy, and exercise from the privacy of their home while fostering a habit of regular exercise. What do I need? 1. The Crossrope Get Lean set (regular ropes or ropeless ropes), which includes a 1/4 lb (green) and a 1/2 lb (white) rope, and an exercise mat. If you are limited on space, have neighbors below you to consider, are unable to jump, or have limited mobility, you can request a set of ropeless ropes (yes, there is such a thing). 2. Free weights at a weight where 15 reps is challenging yet achievable. 3. A desire to lead a healthier life. What can I expect? The program includes 3 videos per week, starting at 12-15 minutes per video and increasing gradually to 20 minutes per video. The 3 weekly videos will include 1 stretch video, 1 jump roping and bodyweight video, and either an abs and weights class video or a jump roping and weights class video. Do I need experience in jump roping, body weights, or using weights? No. After you sign up and receive your equipment you will have an online jump rope tutorial with one of the Jump Into Shape instructors. Instructions are provided during the class for the exercises with weights and bodyweight exercises, and you can request a one-on-one online tutorial with a Jump Into Shape instructor. What is included in the program? 1. 3 video workouts per week for 12 weeks 2. Crossrope jump ropes or ropeless ropes, lean set ($129 retail) 3. Exercise mat ($32 retail) 4. Shipping in the continental US 5. Online one-on-one jump rope tutorial 6. A coupon code to join 8 live classes over the 12 weeks ($160 value). Dumbbells are NOT included. Ropes and mat NOT included for current members. Use coupon code NOEQUIPMENT to save $75 if you already have Crossropes ropes and a mat. *** There is no cost for regular monthly Jump Into Shape members***

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


Single Payment
3 Plans Available
From $60.00/month


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