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Strength & Core (8 Weeks)

  • 8Weeks
  • 28Steps


Who should do this program? Anyone looking for a very challenging program using 1 lb and 2 lb jump ropes (or heavy ropes that you have), weights, and lots of core exercises. This class is NOT for beginners. What do I need? 1. The Crossrope Get Heavy Set (regular ropes or ropeless ropes), which includes a 1 lb (grey) and a 2 lb (black) rope. If you are limited on space, have neighbors below you to consider, cannot jump, or have limited mobility, you can request a set of ropeless ropes (yes, there is such a thing). 2. Free weights at a weight where 15 reps is challenging yet achievable. 3. An exercise mat. 4. A desire to challenge yourself. What can I expect? The program includes 3 videos per week of 15 minutes per video. Each video will use a 1 lb or 2 lb rope, work one muscle group, and conclude with 3 minutes of core exercises. There are only 12 seconds between sets for breaks. Do I need experience in jump roping, body weights, or using weights? YES.! The classes move very fast and are not for beginners. If you are not experienced with 1 lb and 2 lb ropes you can do the classes with lighter ropes, but the class pace and short breaks will be tough for beginners. What is included in the program? 1. 3 video workouts per week for 8 weeks 2. Crossrope jump ropes or ropeless ropes, heavy set (1 lb and 2lb, $169 retail) 3. Exercise mat ($32 retail) 4. Shipping in the continental US 5. Online one-on-one jump rope tutorial, for first-time members 6. A coupon code to join 4 live classes over the 8 weeks ($80 value). Dumbbells are NOT included. Ropes and mat NOT included for current members. Use coupon code NOROPES to save $100 if you already have Crossropes heavy set ropes and a mat. *** This program is free for active Jump Into Shape members on a recurring monthly membership plan***

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